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Hey Everyone and welcome to the Free 4 All bands website. Not much to say yet at this point but I'll give you this story this far.


Free for all was founded by Daine D. and Ray V. in their hometown of Grand Rapids, MN in November of 2005. They had been in bands together before in their lives, but nothing so serious. After some thinking on both of their parts, they decided to leave for San jose California in January of 2006. Obviously, this is still to come.

Since then, they have found other members, including Jimmy Newell on the other guitar, and a bass player by the name of Johnboy Randall, who will not be joining up with the band until at least may of 2006. A steady drummer (and maybe bass player) is still being sought after, so if anyone is a drummer, or knows one who likes to play rock and roll and doesn't live their life in a haze and daze, send yourself, or them, F4A's way. Get ahold of us at our contact e-mail.


As far as the band's kind of music.... It is often hard for the band members to describe what type of thing they sound like. The major thing to realize, is that all of the guys in the band draw from SUCH a wide range of music. Daine is a big country fan, but his idol is Guns n Roses own Axl Rose....he has done vox for anything from rock to emo to country... Ray is a BIG blues fan...had a blues band of his own for a couple of years, fronting and playing the leads and singing...he really says that he can't name any one idol, because his musical influences from each catagory of music don't really out-do each other, he says.... Jimmy Newell really gets into the progressive type of rock...anything classic and a little out of the ordinary intrigues him. Jimmy tends to write music that reflects his guitar playing other than singing, and finds himself personally the most at home just playing and, in fact, not singing. Johnboy Randall tends to lean towards the classic in your face type of rock. Tesla, Ted Nugent, and a lot of the newer hard rock inspires him.

The band prides itself on coming from a good place. all guys that aren't in it for drugs and sex....guys that are in it because music is running through their veins. Straight up rock and roll. original styles from every corner, boasting a talent and persona that will leave you with a feeling like you just rediscovered rock....because in a have.